Vinegra Company, as a micro enterprise offering services and support to both profit, non-profit as well as local authorities, has been actively involved in development, design and implementation of EU funded activities.

The staff members at Vinegra possess extensive experience and expertise in the following area of activities:

  1. Support for start-ups and business incubator
  2. VET activities
  3. Rural development
  4. Refugees
  5. Agriculture
  6. Social entrepreneurship
  7. Other fields of interest

In cooperation with other business and non-profit organisation, we are developing variety of social services addressing the needs of the vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Vinegra Company cooperates with non-profit organisations and companies primarily at European level, but it is also developing activities in South Asia and USA.

Current projects

Бизнис инкубатор и поддршка за Start Up

Dreaming out loud

Dreaming out loud

Lifelong Learning

Livelong Learning

National Committee for Family Farming

Земјоделска задруга


Ситепндии за претприемачи


Европска Унија